What is T3?

video courtsey of T3Alliance.org

T3 is a grant funded program from the National Science Foundation that teaches students about computer programming, coding, 3D Printing, and Autonomous Vehicles (Drones and Robotics). Students will also get the opportunity to build a Raspberry Pi computer system and design a community outreach project.

Goals of the program

T3 Timeline

Students who are selected to be a part of the T3 Alliance program will participate up to 3 years. (Juniors can still participate in T3)

Year 1: Raspberry Pi

Year 2: 3D Printing

Year 3: Autonomous Vehicles (Drones and Robotics)

*More information about this can be found in our terms to know page

T3 Summer Component

  • The T3 Alliance course will take up 2 elective blocks during the summer.
  • Math-Science students, this will also count as a research course during the summer.

Course Description

This is an introductory course about a wallet sized computer known as Raspberry Pi. This course is ideal for those who are interested in exploring the possibilities of Raspberry Pi as a computer or those who are interested in exploring careers in computer science and programming. The course does not assume any prior knowledge on computers or programming. Students will have the opportunity to learn all the components of the Raspberry Pi during this course.

Small as it is, The Raspberry Pi packs quite a punch. The course will teach students how to hook up the Pi with a keyboard and monitor so that you can use it as a low-cost computer, as well as, teach students how to program the Raspberry Pi so that they can interact with it in a variety of ways including: taking pictures, monitoring temperature and humidity of a room or area, create lighting effects using LED sensors, and much more. Exploration of NODE Red and other programming software will be integrated into this course.

By the end of this course, you will learn how to boot and wire up a Raspberry Pi. You will also have learned how to write your own code to make the Raspberry Pi do some cool things.

Course Goals and Expectations

Developing a Growth Mindset

  • Students develop a love for learning that demonstrates it is okay to make mistakes and to take risks.

Introduction to Linux

  • Students learn how to use basic commands to navigate and use the Linux operating system.

Understanding Basic Electronics

  • Students learn about electrical circuits, with emphasis on Raspberry Pi interfacing.

Programming in Scratch and Node Red

  • Students learn to write code in Scratch and Node Red. This code will interface with the Raspberry Pi for custom button controls.

Community Project Component

  • Students will have the opportunity to design and implement a community-based project that will incorporate the technologies learned through this course. More Information about this project will be given later.

Course Breakdown

Goal 1: Developing a Growth Mindset

Goal 2: Building the Interface of the Raspberry Pi

Goal 3: Getting to know the Equipment

Goal 4: Interacting with the Raspberry Pi/Programming

Goal 5: Introduction to Community Project

video courtsey of T3Alliance.org

Potential Projects

Students will have the opportunity to complete a variety of projects that builds on the growth mindset and allows them to understand the basics of computer programming. The Video shown here is just one example of the some of the projects students may complete as a part of this program.

Additional Information and Resources

Additional support and tutorials can be found using the T3 Alliance Website; students will have access to the site’s resources during the duration of this summer course offering.

Interested in joining the T3 Alliance?