T3 Alliance

Morehead State University Upward Bound Programs

Automonous Vehicles

Raspberry Pi

3-D Printing

video courtsey of T3Alliance.org

What is T3?

T3 is a grant funded program from the National Science Foundation that teaches students about computer programming, coding, 3D Printing, and Autonomous Vehicles (Drones and Robotics). Students will also get the opportunity to build a Raspberry Pi computer system and design a community outreach project.

Goals of the Program

T3 Alliance students' increase their interest and confidence in pursuing a STEM career by learning and applying their technology knowledge through community engagement.

T3 Summer Component

T3 Alliance Students' participate in a 2 block elective course during the UB/UBMS summer academy.

UBMS students participating in the T3 Alliance course will not have to take an additional research course.

This course is designed to give participants the opportunity to explore the various components of the Raspberry Pi computer system, work with STEM professionals to design community engagement projects, participate in a variety of activities aligned with T3 curriculum, and just have fun with technology.